FLM Preserved

The perfect product, tailored to your needs
FLM food group products combine perfect fresh appearance with ease of use and shelf life. Sorted and selected for size, and processed within a few hours after harvesting, as well as preserved according to your needs. Frozen, refrigerated, pasteurised or packed for an extended shelf life in bags, buckets, wholesale-packaging, cans or pouches.

Pouches or cans

Our plant’s unique added value lies in the combination of two sterilized mushroom production lines: sterilised in pouches and cans. The pouch line is our newest addition and was installed in 2023. For all these product groups we can make customer-specific adjustments with regard to raw materials, slice thickness, packaging and brine. Thanks to the latest technology and our horizontal organisation, we can offer high flexibility in production and delivery.

Polybags, buckets or boxes

The second part of FLM preserved focuses on the production of pasteurised mushrooms in polybags and blanched mushrooms in buckets and boxes. Since the opening in 2015 we have continued to optimise techniques and production processes. Constant and improved quality, durability and efficiency are always top of our list. The result: a state-of-the-art production facility with a very high degree of automation, allowing us to efficiently respond to your wishes.

Tailor-made preserved products

Our preserved foods factory was completely renovated in 2010/2011. The location is highly automated and has a highly efficient structure. This enables us to respond quickly to your individual needs.

Sustainability & energy conservation

Energy conservation has played a central role in the development of the factory. As a result, we have taken important steps in the field of sustainability during each phase of production and storage. And we continue to improve our facility everyday.

Investing in technology

Since the plant renovations we have continued to invest in improvements to our production process in order to continuously improve the quality of our products. Recently we installed a Laser sorter that detects foreign bodies with a very high degree of accuracy. This machine inspects the products from two sides and is able to flawlessly detect variations in colour, texture and moisture content.

Continuing to take the lead

FLM food group is determined to continue being a frontrunner in the food-industry. We are therefore constantly innovating and equiping our plants with the latest technology. Because we want to assist our customers in the development of a ‘Clean Label Range’, we have invested and extended our knowledge in Clean Label ingredients to be able to produce various kinds of pasteurised mushrooms for Clean Label.

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