About FLM Food Group

Worldwide supplier of high-quality vegetable products
FLM food group supplies high-quality vegetable ingredients and products in all shapes, sizes and packaging for the food industry and foodservice worldwide. Our tailor-made processing, preserving, packaging and just-in-time delivery make it possible for you to process our ingredients in your products in the best possible way.

Tailor-made products

We offer extended knowledge and constant innovation.

Outstanding service

Our slogan says it all: your need is our concern!

The highest standards in food safety

We distinguish ourselves in the market by our high standards.

Just-in-time delivery

We respond quickly to you individual needs.


We pay attention to people and planet.

Wide range of packaging

From bulk to 10 kg to 400g.

Our Philosophy

Transforming from mushroom specialist to ingredient supplier

With years of experience in the IQF and mushroom market, we have decided to diversify our product range and services. All this while maintaining our core values such as sustainabilty, transparancy, flexibility and partner-ship driven production remain at the top of our agenda.

The best results are achieved together

FLM food group is more than just an ingredient supplier. We are a partner that works hard to achieve the best results, together with you, by supplying products that are fully tailored to customers’ individual needs. From microbiological requirements to product size, and from conservation methods to packaging.

High quality standard throughout the chain

We distinguish ourselves in the market by our high standards. This applies not only to the quality of our product, but also to food safety and environmental care in all stages of the production chain. From our GlobalGap-certified growers to our own production processes, which are continuously monitored by our quality laboratory. Due to the high level of automation in the supply chain, we can deliver at competitive prices in the international market.


To us, delivering quality means to work as sustainably as possible, with attention to the people and the environment. This means, for example, that all our waste is recycled and that we choose responsibly produced raw materials. Because our growers are monitored by GlobalGap, our raw materials meet the highest standards for the use of pesticides and heavy metals.