FLM Frozen

The perfect product, tailored to your needs
FLM food group products combine perfect fresh appearance with ease of use and shelf life. Sorted and selected for size, and processed within a few hours after harvesting, as well as preserved according to your needs. Cut, blanched and frozen for and extended shelf life and packed in bags, boxes or bulk-packaging.

State-of-the-art frozen production

Our frozen production factory was commissioned in 2006. As FLM food group is determined to continue being a frontrunner in the food-industry. We are therefore constantly innovating and equipping our plants with the latest technology to improve quality, efficiency and sustainability. The result: a state-of-the-art production facility with a very high degree of automation, allowing us to efficiently respond to your wishes.

Investing in technology

Technical advancement has continued since the opening and the factory has had a number of upgrades. We work with a laser sorter too detect irregularities with a high degree of accuracy. This machine inspects the products from two sides and is able to flawlessly detect variations in colour, texture and moisture content. As of 2021, we are able to transport our products into the blancher by pump, so the raw material will reach the blancher at the same high quality you delivered it to our doorstep.

Ice cold heart

Vegetables and fruit are vulnerable products. This is why our factory was designed to conduct the product along production lines with the utmost care. The freezer is at the heart of our firm and as a consequence was chosen with special attention to environmental compatibility. Consequently the freezer is particularly efficient, and only needs a small amount of cooling agent.

From bulk to retail packaging

The newest factory was added to our facility in 2017 and is a (re)packaging line. Our 15 years of experience in IQF products is extended to our packaging process. We process your vegetables and fruit to the highest quality standards. The controlled environment ensures a constant product quality throughout the process. Our foil packaging ranges from 2.500g to 450g.

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