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The perfect product, tailored to your needs
FLM food group products combine perfect fresh appearance with ease of use and shelf life. Sorted and selected for size, and processed within a few hours after harvesting, as well as preserved according to your needs. Frozen, refrigerated, pasteurised or packed for an extended shelf life in bags, buckets, wholesale-packaging or cans.

Pasteurised Mushrooms


Sterilised Mushrooms


Sterilised Mushrooms


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Tailor Made Solutions


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International standards

FLM food group has state-of-the-art production facilities and applies strict quality criteria for our own processes and those of our growers. This allows us to meet the international standards of major food manufacturers. All our growers and production locations are certified in accordance with the highest standards, such as GlobalGap and BRC.

Tailor-made product innovations

FLM food group is constantly researching new ways to better help its customers with innovative products. We produce products coated with sauces or herbes and spices, for example; entirely tailor-made, in accordance with our customers’ wishes. Due to our flexible production facility we are able to offer many different processing posibilities.

Always a tailor-made solution

Because FLM food group supplies all types of products, we can advise you objectively on the ideal way to use mushrooms or other vegetables in your products. And in the unlikely event that we don’t have the perfect solution for you, we are more than happy to work with you to develop the desired product type and packaging.

Organic, halal and kosher

FLM food group also processes organic products, grown without fertilisers or chemical additives. We have a SKAL certificate for processing organic products. Our products are also processed in a wide variety of meals that comply with religious requirements, as vegetables are halal and our mushrooms are kosher-certified.

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